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How to Use Webster's Guide to the Cultural Landscape

The "cultural landscape" refers to all the features that together make up our common culture -- the industries, organizations, institutions, activists, funders, and other landmarks on our virtual map. Webster's Guide puts you in touch with groups involved in cultural action and policy-making. Webster's Guide comprises two main sections:

  1. Listings of groups and agencies; and

  2. Narrative materials describing various aspects of the cultural landscape.

This inaugural installation of Webster's World offers an alphabetical listing of organizations engaged in cultural policy and activist work. Please look over our list, and send us new listings.

Wherever possible, Webster's Guide listings provide links to other Internet-accessible resources -- some which offer listings of their own and other information about parts of the cultural landscape.

As Webster's Guide becomes more complete, we will be introducing topical listings -- of independent media people, for instance, or people working on particular cultural issues. But first we have a lot of building to do to make the listing more complete: for now, just go the master list, using the link at the bottom of this page. Help us by suggesting additional listings, or telling us the kinds of information you need: please send e-mail or snail mail to the address listed at the bottom of every WWCD page.

Sectors of the Cultural Landscape

As soon as possible, we'll install four essays contributed by Adams & Goldbard in Webster's Guide, each describing one of the major sectors of cultural production:

What do we mean when we refer to 'culture'? A variety of things. In Webster's World, we're interested in address 'cultural instuitutions' in several senses of the phrase, including:

There are many other categories of instutions, media, activity or focus that deserve attention in understanding the cultural landscape. Each of us sees this landscape and divides it up differently. We will look forward to learning other people's perceptions of the cultural field and publishing additional essays here, as well as linking to other resources on the Internet focusing on specific sectors or issues.

Webster's Guide List of Cultural Organizations (Alphabetical listing)

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